Institution vs. Body

There has a been a significant raise in backlash against Christians and what the church represents: judgmental, close-minded, snotty, decently well-off. Even though I’m a proclaimed Christian, I question whether such allegations have merit and unfortunately there’s some truth to these. One of my Christian friends once told me he liked that I could look pass ‘face value’ whereas many in our group of church friends did not (note: did rather than could implicating a personal choice in the matter).  It could be this characteristic that sufficiently annexes me out of the larger body of young Christians in my church. I have always struggled to find my space and oddly enough, it is at the times when I try to be social with these people that I find myself most insecure in who I am. I do not come from a well off family and I am not focused on small, petty things I suppose my peers are indulging in. Perhaps I am now contradicting myself in participating in what I dislike (judgment of others). Perhaps it is because the sense of insecurity drives me to write such things.

Question is: does the institution itself cultivate for such characteristics? Or is it the people in it that allows themselves to conform to one another and the values that have been constructed?

My greatest conundrum in all of is how I can introduce people to the awesomeness of Jesus when the institution and body that is supposed to represent Him fail to do so? How can I proclaim the good news knowing that I do not feel comfortable in the place and people that I would be introducing that said person to?

I believe the people I know in the churches I have attended are in fact ‘good people’ and I’ve met a couple of my closest friends through the said institution. However, I have also met my other close friends outside of the church are also non-Christians and I find that sometimes their aspirations and beliefs are more noble and grounded than the first party mentioned. I’m not sure what the point of this is…maybe just the ramblings of a self-imposed reclusivist 🙂


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