So I’ve been up since 5 AM this morning, running a bit of fuel that’s left in the tank. To be honest, mom got it right. I’m so thoroughly burnt out. I could not for the life of me figure out what the fuck my problem was since my return to UofA. I severely lacked drive and motivation to really do anything. Since I’ve been back, I’ve planned for my upcoming Europe trip in May and Haiti missions trip in January 2011. It’s like the ground is starting to run without me and all I can do is grip onto the rails and hang on for dear life. I’m starting to question my ambitions to travel next year. Since I started traveling escapes (which have not been extensive thus far..), I haven’t stopped running the race full throttle. My legs are starting to give way. The only thing holding me up is God carrying me. Go go image of footprints in the sand. It’s hard to describe exactly what’s going on inside because I feel essentially just drained to the soul. Too much is contending for my attention, too much needs to be accomplished, but I do not have the means to achieve them. Can I just curl up in a ball and hibernate for a while? Get fat perhaps? *waddle waddle*…poor articulation in this blog. Shit


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