(Public) Display of Affection

I speak from the position of a hypocrite.

Currently engaged in what my friend would call “Bonnie’s version” of a one night stand, I find it interesting but equally disturbing that affection can be so readily displayed when there is no true emotionally investment. It begs the question of what would be considered to be “genuine” affection and how would one discern between the two? How much of it is our own attempts to deceive ourselves into believing that this is enough, that for that one or two moments, someone out there genuinely gives a shit about us. Do others my age consider this question? Feel potentially perplexed by this? Or is the free spirit of sharing one’s body with another for sexual gratification just overwhelming prevalent and accepted in today’s society?


One thought on “(Public) Display of Affection

  1. so really, question is: is there a difference between affection and love in today’s society. i think there is, but i also think many ppl mistake affection for love. i’m glad you know the difference đŸ™‚

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