Driven by Irrationality in a (supposed) Hyper-rational World

In a generation that is supposedly bent on rational decision making, it is surprising that little is said about how much we (remain) driven by irrationality, namely our emotions. Over a pitcher of beer (which of course, I didn’t drink much of…damn Asian intolerance!!), my friends and I talked about this a bit. The same thoughts came up again as I went for run this afternoon. I think that everyone can agree with me that emotions “makes” us do crazy things, sometimes wondrous other times, destructive. So in a world where we’re supposed to be basing our decisions on this notion of rationality, why is it that it is the irrational that often drives us to make some of the most important decisions of our lives? Yes, said decisions can vary from person to person, but in the example of one’s significant other, it’s sometimes completely irrational. In my current situation for example, it is far from logical to engage in something that has the potential to be emotionally detrimental, yet here we are. Since we’re on this particular tangent, the question that often arises is are women more inclined than men to be emotional? As in, do I (the female, apparently) have more to lose in this sexless romp than he does? Most would say (hesitantly so, perhaps) yes. However, on my ride down to Calgary with a particular bloke I didn’t know, he asked me how it was that women so freely bounced from man to man. Following this comment was O_o from me; say whattttttt. Doesn’t this turn the whole gender thing upside down?

Anyways, that was kind of a random tangent…related?…maybe? irrationality really…a bad thing? Love for example remains irrational. No matter how people attempt the dissect it, understand it, write fucking books about, not one person’s experience with this thing called “love” is ever the same. Oh, there may be similarities in some areas, but the Love can drive people to do what we may think are “crazy” things. Yet are they really? Does over-rationalizing things make us lose the simple, intrinsic value of certain things? Those things we yearn (I argue) are pretty irrational. Again, love is the big one. Through (over) rationalization, are we a generation that is attempting to eliminate things that will surprise us? Cause us to lose control? Because one side of it, rationality is a form of control.

Honestly, I miss that unadulterated joy and simplicity children have before they grow up to break things down, to “understand it fully”. Why can’t we take things as they are? …this blog entry has no flow 🙂 brilliant.


One thought on “Driven by Irrationality in a (supposed) Hyper-rational World

  1. This is one of my favorite quotes about love, from Voddie Baucham (sp?), a Christian speaker.
    “The definition of love is an act of the will, accompanied by emotion, that leads to action on behalf of its object. Not the Greco-Roman Cupid romantic love that fades away.”
    Love is 4 words in Greek: agape, eros, philia, and storge (sp?) (wiki them if you aren’t familiar with their meanings lol) Voddie was talking about agape, and defined it as true love in all situations, whether between friends, family, or significant others, because it is the sacrifical love, and the love Jesus commanded when He said “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
    I think if one is able to agape, then even if it is philia towards friends, storge(?) towards family, or eros towards a significant other, it should all stem from agape, as the sacrificial and unconditional love. He was talking about how ppl nowadays go into marriage with their relationship based on eros love, and said that eros is the reason the divorce rate is so high, since once the passion fades, you ain’t got nuttin’ left b/w the two of you. And that the world now thinks that eros is the true definition of love, although it really refers more to lust nowadays (sadly).
    So to me, this irrationality stems from the fact that few ppl know how to agape, or are aware of it at all. It’s a huge struggle to agape as we are commanded to (I struggle with it with Jon & friends).
    … I dunno where I’m going with this. But I definitely do also miss the good ol’ innocent childhood days… wow this was a long comment. Back to papering.

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