Be Still

“Be still and know I am God” ( ) is the one of the few verses from the Bible I actually can recite from heart..which is probably because it’s only seven words long but these seven words have so much meaning behind them. “Be still” He says, yet how often are we just still? Everything is go go go. It’s like we’re energizer bunnies plugging in new batteries as we go, never mind that that the drum we’re pounding is wearing out, feet scuffed until holes develop; we notice when it’s too late. This happened earlier this semester when I burnt out from traveling, from pushing forward with my career goals which is why this topic is so close to my heart. People my age rarely spend time just to sit at a coffee shop or on a bench and watch the world go by or the trees bending as the wind blows. What do we gain if we are so called contributing to the world when we do not know really what it is? When all we see are numbers, dollar signs and materialistic pursuits? God made the world so beautiful, made things that man could never hope to build in a million years (even if we evolve to have tails and maybe even webbed feet!) and yet we glance but never truly see the beauty in these structures. Okay, I know that may sound a bit hippie but if you could just get over that, it’s true. I’m not talking about “hey dudeeee, check out the rainbow!” (when there actually isn’t one there). On Sunday mornings, I head out to Wild Earth cafe for an amazing Americano and just sit, eventually engaging in a conversation with someone I don’t know and listening to their amazing life experiences. When I should’ve been studying (or cramming) for my exams/papers, I opted to lay in the sun and enjoy it all. Do we do this enough? No.

Slow down. Take a breath. Close your eyes. Open them.


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