Individualism, or simply put: me, myself and I

In Western society, we are told to pursue OUR dreams and to cultivate individual identities. With globalization, this is undoubtedly even more easily achieved by the plethora of options available to us (something called the ‘global supermarket, but I’ll refrain so your eyeballs don’t glaze over when I talk politics :P). Yet as we frolic on our merry way, climbing up that career ladder and ‘having fun’ with one night stands or meaningless relationships, do we consider what kind of carnage we leave behind? Do we think about to what extent we cause damage and whose expense this damage is inflicted upon? Perhaps when we speak in abstract terms about it we do, but on a daily basis in the everyday decisions we make? Maybe some of us do, do you? Selfish vs. selfless? Interestingly, the one thing that really cuts through our individualistic tendencies is when this thing called love comes in. Scary.

As always, spoken as a hypocrite.


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