Promiscuity aka Marker of a Successful Personal Life?

I like to think I’m generally open minded to the different life choices people make and attempt to avoid the judgemental stereotype that is often associated with my religion. Yet sometimes it feels like that life values that should be generally upheld by Christians is judged instead. I think the greatest life style choice that is judged upon for my generation or age group is the choice to not have sex prior to marriage. Some of my Christian friends who mainly hang out with other Christian friends do not face this sort of pressure; however on the flip side, any sexual issues are somewhat taboo (at least amongst single Christians). Anyways, the idea of not having sex before marriage is a completely foreign idea. But what really bothers me are the connotations associated with such a choice; for example, oh is it because you couldn’t find someone who was willing to have sex with you? Then it becomes a matter of whether you are desirable to others. Ultimately, it comes down to the social measure of whether others find you attractive or attractive enough to fuck you. Great. Sexual accomplishments are touted; to abstain, a weird choice. How did our sexual performance/attraction become that measure of how successful a person’s personal life is?


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