Perhaps it’s that age when I realize that there are still many things I want to do and accomplish. Perhaps it is driven by the fact that I’ve been spending the past week getting excited for a yet-to-be-determined camping and/or climbing trip from my office chair in my cubicle. Regardless of the reasons, I figured that creating some sort of bucket list was in order. Sure I could’ve kept this private and initially I was, but I think that my goals are a good indication of who I am now, who I aspire to become or at least particular steps towards whatever ‘be’ is and perhaps, give you to reason to pause and think about what you want to accomplish in your life. I noticed that the initial 7 things I’ve listed are more or less unrelated to any sort of career aspirations; it’s not that I don’t have any, but the past few years of my life had been devoted to just that. I think that this list represents my current mini tug-a-war on the particular lifestyle I want to live.
I hope to keep adding to this list and crossing out things as they go. Small explanations of why I want to accomplish X goal will be interspersed between my usual philosophical rantings (or just rantings). This will be an interesting learning experience no? 🙂
  • adopt a child
  • own a Leonberger and/or a Westie
  • take advantage of the working holiday/youth mobility agreements that Canada has with 19 countries (considering New Zealand/Germany)
Update (July 8/2011): So I’ve decide to add a subcategory to my bucket list because there seems to be a lot of ‘outdoor adventure’ related things I want to accomplish and I think it would be worth distinguishing them from the rest of my aspirations. I think most of these aren’t as ‘lofty’ as my other goals…maybe lofty isn’t the best word.
  • live in a treehouse (Costa Rica)
  • go at least once for at least an one month climbing/camping trip
  • return to Granada, Spain and climb that waterfall
  • learn how to snowboard
  • sky dive
  • volunteer with Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi for a month (at least); check out the volunteer website and the Outside Magazine article on it (awesomeeeee! just don’t tell my family :D)
  • hike up to Lake O’Hara and then to Abbot’s Pass/Hut
  • bike the (paved) trail between Banff and Canmore
  • go on a (short) backpacking trip before the 2011 season is over

2 thoughts on “Bucketme

  1. shotgun:
    – living in treehouse as discussed
    – teaching you to snowboard (or watching you fall!)
    – going sky diving with you (falling together!!!!!)
    – wrestling with your future Leonberger

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