Dearest Friend,

It’s been many years since you and I first met. We’ve all gone our separate ways, spanning across the globe from Dublin to Hong Kong to Australia and elsewhere. However, despite our geographical distance, I wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve been and everything you will be in the future. I know that this blog is often used as an outlet of my frustrations which have also included expressions of loneliness and separation. What I just realized though is that I’ve never thanked my friends for sticking with me through thick and thin, through physical separation that surpass a number of years, through at times, radio silence on my part. You listened to me when I felt directionless, when I couldn’t face myself. Without your support, I could not have done what I’ve done thus far and aspire to do in the future. I may have traveled relatively more than many my age, gained valuable experiences but it is you, my friend, that I count as my greatest achievement. God has so thankfully blessed me with your friendship and I am eternally grateful.


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