Power in Defeat

We are constantly told that success is when we achieve the goals we have set out, to never back down against adversity..but is this only approach we can take? This mindset, though my own, has led me on a continual path of masochism and ultimately, a great deal of disappointment. I have tried again and again to make this work, some sort of relationship whether it be friendship or otherwise. Yet, I am constantly coming back and trying to make it better. I just want to make peace with it..which means I want straightforward and honest answers. However, I can’t make that happen because that information has to be from that other person. This other person keeps drawing away from me, keeps taunting me. Is it about esteem? Dignity? Ego? Maybe it’s time to admit defeat and move on without those answers I want. I don’t need them to function, to live. It’s a want, not a need. For me, letting go of something that remains unresolved is much more difficult than driving towards a goal even though that drive will be met with numerous obstacles and challenges. Maybe it’s time to stop chasing..and be the one worth chasing.


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