Faith in God

My closest friends are a constant reminder of why God is so awesome. It’s not just their awesomeness in who they are but also I am reminded by how God works in their lives that He is so awesome.

My best friend just got a phone call to offer her a dietetics internship in London, ON. For those who don’t know, in addition to completing a degree, dietetics requires you to complete an internship and then pass an exam afterwards in order to become a registered dietitian. If you do not land an internship, then you’re stuck in limbo. Like most things, there are more students than there are internships and there’s this whole..jurisdictional blah blah that I don’t quite understand which also limits one’s chance of securing an internship. My best friend did not get an internship after the completion of her bachelor’s degree and went back to school and completed a master’s. Even after that, she did not receive a call for an internship in the usual time period that people are notified. Yet, this time, she did not wonder..instead, she just trusted. She knew that God had a plan for her. She achieved that perfect peace in Him. But He has rewarded her for her faith. But you know what…she still praised God even when the internship didn’t come right away.

This is just a reminder to myself that when inside, you achieve that peace because you believe in Him and possess that unwavering faith and trust..amazing things happen.

Congrats, love 🙂 Praise God.


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