Being a Woman

I think I’ve written a short blog post of embracing the girl a while back and I suppose this is somewhat of a follow up to that..if only I remembered what I wrote or I could just look back but hey, I’m already here.

A couple days ago, I indulged in my first purchase of what I would consider high-end make up products and I only purchased two things: mascara and eye-liner…the latter of which I’m attempting to master using. Holy bejebus! It ran me 40$ for two stick things. Yes, I know it’s Clinique and that the quality is there (tested my purchases; they work oh so well). But really! Today, I went ahead and bought ‘flowers’ for one’s (if one’s a female) chest so that one can flounce around braless and not be concerned with over exposure. If you’re a guy reading this, don’t worry about it if you don’t understand; you’re not missing out on anything. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. I already consider myself relatively lucky not to be overly endowed in that area but not flat like a little boy so I can only imagine what other considerations my well endowed peers must also take into account.

All this got me thinking..(wo)man, it’s expensive to be a woman. Yet I’m beginning to understand the appeal of investing into it. With today’s culture and incredible change of a woman’s role over the last generation or two, a woman must seek an individual understanding of what it means to be a woman. That yeah, I do a lot of sports but there must be some sort of balance that can struck between being the hard driving athlete and enjoying certain ‘feminine’ things. I provide this comparison because sports are still dominated by the male image and woman who are athletes (or at least I have) have at least at one point in  time consider how to conduct and present themselves that makes people take them for what abilities they have in that sport but yet at the same time, not be scoffed at for embracing traits/expressions that are considered feminine. I love riding hard on my bike wearing a dress (and little shorts underneath of course) because that’s an embodiment of this very image.

To be respected for ones capabilities, whether it be on the field (rock face) or the work place but also be respected as a woman is difficult but possible and so very worth it. I’m slowly beginning to understand what it means to be a strong woman…I’m thinking that it may involve wearing nail polish on my stubby climber nails.


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