My Perfect Day

I read a number of publications/online journals that are geared towards the outdoor community such as Outside Online and Adventure Journal. The former is running this series that pulls together a short Q&A interview with a number of influential members of the outdoor community, whether they be environmentalists or athletes at the top of their game. The first question that comes up in these interviews is ‘what would a perfect day be for you?’. These days are rarely something considered to be far fetched; they are relatively simple days that involves doing what they love with the people they love. I thought this is a brilliant question, an answer to look back to when the day isn’t going so well.  A place in your mind and hopefully many times in the future, you will be able to live it. So this is mine:

I would wake up around 9, 930 AM with the sunlight streaming in through my window or tent. When I look outside, the trees will be heavy with lush green leaves with some gaps to allow the brilliant sunlight to filter through. There won’t be a cloud in the blue blue sky but there would be faint breeze that stirs the trees and teases my hair (assuming that at this point my hair is long enough for the wind to play with). I would take a big breath of free air, mountain air if I happen to be in the mountains then I would head out to one of my favorite places for brunch: if I’m in Edmonton, that would be the Sugarbowl; if I was in Canmore, that would be Summit Cafe; if I was in Banff, that would be Wild Flour and if I was in Calgary…well I haven’t quite pinned down my favorite place just yet. I would go there armed with a book, maybe a magazine but most definitely with my prayer journal and phone so that I could access my Bible. Let’s say I’m in Edmonton; I would order a cinnamon bun (half to stay, and half to go for future snacking) and a coffee with a bit of cream. Summit Cafe in Canmore deserves special mention: I would order a latte (best lattes ever!!!) and a breakfast bagel..oh baby. Then I would camp out there for a couple hours, alternating between reading my book and writing in my prayer journal/reflecting on the Word.

I would eventually meet up with some of my friends either at the climbing gym or at the crag we’ve decided to go to. If it’s outside, the hike in won’t be overly painful but there will be peace and quiet…think Blackfeather Crag for those who climb in Alberta. The air will be absolutely crisp and clean, the moss soft and fun to bounce on (gently of course), hikers friendly as you pass them. We would get a few climbs in; perhaps even pushing our grade but enjoying the experience regardless; get totally stoked for all the climbing.

Before dinner, I would get a chance to go to a yoga studio or even better, practice yoga outside. Then we’d have dinner at camp OR if I was in Edmonton, probably meet up with my church buddies for dinner/go to a church event. If we went out, we’d go to a small restaurant that has amazing fresh, simple meals. The sun is setting around this time and the sky is pink, orange and well, stunning. If I’m lucky, I’ll see the whole milky way and be absolutely stunned by God’s creation of natural beauty and humbled by the fact that in such a vast world, I am but one and yet…I am loved unconditionally by Him.

That’s my perfect day. What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “My Perfect Day

  1. Your perfect day sounds pretty nice, though mine wouldn’t involve much physical activity. At least, I don’t THINK that would be part of a perfect day. But the idea of a perfect day is intriguing and perhaps giving it some serious thought would inspire me to try some new things and end up discovering what would really bless my life, and others’ lives as well.

    I think I’ll do that. Thanks.:-)

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