Beginning of a New Year – the ‘Why’

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” – Matthew 6:33

So it’s the start of a new year! Happy new year, dear reader ūüôā At the beginning of the new year, we let go of the past year and ponder on what the new year will bring us, what adventures we may have and of course, possible surprises along the way. I think that I have mentioned before that I rarely outline a detailed plan beyond a six month period because God brings in things I couldn’t even imagine into my life. It’s not that I don’t have long term goals, but there’s always timing to be considered. In a way, all things are good though some are more challenging than others. Last year, I got into triathlons, dusted off my badminton shoes beyond corporate challenge and met the most wonderful man. Last year, my own mum and my best friend’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and had mastectomies, my grandmother passed away and the wonderful man I met, who remains wonderful, is no longer my team mate. I was going to write about M and our break up, but I’m still collecting my thoughts and I don’t think I’m quite ready yet; however, I can tell you that God has taught me so much through the relationship itself and even more so in the aftermath.

I started my new year off with a breakfast + spinning get together with my tri club of awesomeness. Our time together as a club is usually when we’re training together which makes sense for a tri club but I really do enjoy the times when we just hang out. Of course, we can’t just hang out like normal people. When most people are sleeping in and/or nursing hangovers, the lot of us take turns setting up our bikes on trainers and pedaling our hearts out. Three km never looked so long…nor has eight minutes. The beginning of the year also signifies as the beginning of the new training season leading up to the new racing season which means ¬†that everyone is thinking about what races they want to enter. It’s been on my mind a bit but more so in the last couple of days. Last year, it was just being able to keep up with the team. Okay that never changes because my mates are such a dedicated group and dare I say, kind of crazy fit? Sigh. Perpetual inferiority complex lol. 2013 was a challenging year. I never thought that my mom would get cancer and honestly, you can empathize as much as you want, but the realization is inexplicable. I never thought that I would love so much that I would cry everyday for three weeks straight.

As I set myself down for my first journal entry, I couldn’t shake Matthew 6:33 from my head. I decided that this was the verse that I would really try to model 2014 on. Undoubtedly, I will be pursuing this for the rest of my life but I think by purposefully setting this as my 2014 theme, I could set a solid foundation for the rest of my life. How does this relate to setting race goals? God calls us to run and finish the race well (verses on this). To me, that means to do things for the right reason. To me, the motivation behind doing something is just as, if not more, important than the action itself. I have been thinking of the gifts that God has given me. I could just look out for myself, for my own advancement and development; it would be easier. However, that’s not what He has called me to do. I often think about my career when I think about the skills I have; only this year have I begun to realize that that I have other skills too. I’m not exactly a natural athlete as some are but I work hard. Now I wonder, why am I working so hard to ride hard, to play hard? Sure, it makes me feel good inside, it’s a way for me to deal with stress and yeah, my body looks better because of it but those are all selfish reasons. I can feel God calling me to do something more with¬†all¬†the abilities He has given me, including this part of me. It’s time to use whatever athletic ‘prowess’ I possess for something beyond my own self-gratification. The awesome thing is though I have been slow to realize this, so many other people were on the ball way ahead of me. There are so many races and events that have been set up to raises awareness and funds on their selected cause. I will be hashing out which races I want to do this year but one has been lingering in my mind since Christmas: The Ride to Conquer Cancer. I also would like to do a trail run race that’s <15 km but I also want to make sure that it is for something I believe in. I have also been following and have contributed towards the World Bicycle Relief¬†. No matter where your talents lie, we are called to use them beyond our own ambitions. We are here to be the salt and the light. So the next time you sign up for a race or whatever comes your way, give a bit of a thought to what the ‘why’ behind that choice is. Here’s to a great 2014!


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