Underlying Quality

There are a few things in life that get me really excited/make me super happy:

  • seeing someone, especially kids, meet their goals after enduring a crazy challenge – the image that comes to mind is a kid who is running a race and pushes through to the finish line, completely spent, potentially keeled over and taking huge gulps of air but with this massive, absolutely massive grin on his face;
  • just being outside – there is absolutely nothing like that simple beauty found in fresh air, sun in the face, wind in the hair, sunset/sunrise lighting up the sky, dense smattering of stars in a clear night sky – absolutely nothing like it;
  • movement – again, there’s a simple beauty found in movement, whether it be the pounding of feet on dirt, manoeuvring and shifting of one’s body during a climb or near-flying when you’re on a bike;
  • unmitigated, simple expressions of love – image that comes to mind: when a dad picks up his son and let’s him fly and
  • good, fresh home-style food.

I think these things are so beautiful to me because they remind me God and in a way, the simplicity that is the relationship between Him and I. There’s no guessing as to whether or not he ‘likes’ me or if he loves me still. It means a lot to me when I hear about athletes and people considered to be successful in this world when they attribute their success to their faith or simply, refer to their faith because it’s the foundation who they are. I think that when I enjoy these things full blast and just revel at their awesomeness, I would like to think that my faith comes through. Through these things, a certain dichotomy that exists: internal joy and outward expression both of which point towards one thing – God. 


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